E.D.M. Machines

3 Sodick A500's & 1 Sodick A325 Linear Wire Eroder

A500 A325
X Axis Travel 500 350
Y Axis Travel 350 250
Z Axis Travel 272 220
Auxiliary table travel (U x V axis) +/- 20% +/- 20%

Sodick A500 & A325 Machine Specifications

A500 A325
Submerged Cutting & Coaxial Flushing
Fine Finish PIKA Cutting
Additional Glass Linear Scales
Automatic Wire Threader
Advanced Corner Control
Electrolysis Free Cutting
Achievable Tolerances +/- 2 microns
Faster Cutting Speeds
Acceptance of DXF Files
Linear Motor Drives in XY axis
High Quality Finishing

1 Sodick Mould Maker 3 CNC Spark Eroder

Mould Maker 3
X Axis Travel 300
Y Axis Travel 200
Z Axis Travel 250

Fine Finish Circuitry
Hole Drilling Facility
Programmable Cycles

Mills 1 Bridge Port BR2J2 with DRO.
1 Toss FGV32 with DRO

Lathe Colchester Triumph 2000.

Grinders J.S.540P Surface Grinding Machine.
Myford MG.12-HM Cylindrical Grinding Machine.

Pillar Drill Meddings MT3

Bandsaw Startrite H250M

Inspection Mitutoyo PJ300 Profile Projector, 10.1, 20.1, 50.1 lenses.
Grade AA 109 piece Tungsten Carbide slips.
Bore Gauges Micron read outs.
Micrometers Micron read outs- Etc

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